The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

Today is my third birthday as a full time woman, and for the last six months or so I would call myself post transition. Over that period of time ¬†thoughts about being trans or wanting to talk about trans issues have dwindled down to little or nothing. Feelings of being different aren’t much anymore. It…… Continue reading The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

To All the Good Men

I’ve known so many good men, and I still do. Men who would not think to touch a woman against her wishes, men who would not stand by while another was doing such either. Yet I’ve heard things over the years, excuses made for bad behavior and assumptions about what some things must be. Date…… Continue reading To All the Good Men

The Vagina Monologues

I watch what is doubtlessly too many videos on YouTube. Many of them are educational. Some aren’t, being entertained is ok, it can be a nice way to end the day. The other day what popped up was the Vagina Monologues and I just had to watch. I really wondered if I’d get anything out…… Continue reading The Vagina Monologues

Male versus Female Sexuality

Or why God must have a wicked sense of humor Most men think foreplay is too long, almost all women know it’s too short. This isn’t news really. You can find it in popular books and headlines. Did you know that trans women get to experience this shift first hand? Yes we do! Men think…… Continue reading Male versus Female Sexuality