Pussy Hats Galore

I was thinking about going to the Portsmouth NH women’s march tomorrow. So I started reading about trans women and the women’s marches and uncovered and unfortunate truth. Many of my sisters are a thin skinned and, pardon me for saying so, whiny bunch. We whine about the number of trans speakers, the use of…… Continue reading Pussy Hats Galore

TERF partie le deuxième

Getting a rant off my chest. I made the mistake of interacting with some of these misanthropic, unconfident excuses for educated human beings and found myself quite disturbed. Let me start with gender studies. In studies at the university level we have the hard sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biologic as well as…… Continue reading TERF partie le deuxième

The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

Today is my third birthday as a full time woman, and for the last six months or so I would call myself post transition. Over that period of time  thoughts about being trans or wanting to talk about trans issues have dwindled down to little or nothing. Feelings of being different aren’t much anymore. It…… Continue reading The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work


According to the gospel of monsieur Charles le brun, happiness is a nickle, ice cream and singing a song among other things. I’ve always love those comics and the music for the Happiness song from “You’re a good man Charlie Brown” was always a sweet tune to me. Who among us would not want to…… Continue reading Misogyny

Womyn Only

A short post, but I have to get this off my chest. I was looking through the meetup groups and saw a lesbian group that seemed appropriate. I’m looking at the info on the group and get to the bottom. Women born women only. Really! Why? What exactly is the threat or the problem for…… Continue reading Womyn Only

To All the Good Men

I’ve known so many good men, and I still do. Men who would not think to touch a woman against her wishes, men who would not stand by while another was doing such either. Yet I’ve heard things over the years, excuses made for bad behavior and assumptions about what some things must be. Date…… Continue reading To All the Good Men