The Greenies and the Meenies

There was a little town and a little child named Roy, and Roy was growing up to be a happy little boy, One day he asked his grandad about the stuff he’d seen, A bunch of people waving signs that purple people all were mean Grandad looked at him and said “You and I are…… Continue reading The Greenies and the Meenies

How to think about LGBTIQ people

I look at Quora. I look at it quite a lot and I often write answers to the questions. I noticed a particular question today asking how LGBT contributes to society. There were already people making a bunch of reasonable points, but I don’t think they did a good job making the main one: LGBTIQ,…… Continue reading How to think about LGBTIQ people

The LGBT contagion?

There’s an interesting trope amongst those who don’t know us in the LGBT community, especially among those who are against the LGBT community. That concept is that we somehow wish to proselytize people into our “lifestyle”, especially children. This is never, of course, presented with cogent argument, rather with vacuous rhetoric about everyone promoting being…… Continue reading The LGBT contagion?

This letter makes me so sad

In a response about a pro-LGBT woman in Carlisle, MA an anonymous mom writes a rather long letter talking about why what we do is all so wrong. It is, in many ways, a very illuminating view of many on the “anti” LGBT side. It bears understanding because most such people are not the monsters we…… Continue reading This letter makes me so sad

Dead names and Pronouns

This has been a tough 24 hours, it has. I think it really can be hard for people who’ve known us for a long time to keep our new name straight, twenty or thirty years of history do not vanish overnight, nor does our prior identity as a man or a woman change in their…… Continue reading Dead names and Pronouns

La Vie est Belle

Life is beautiful. The question came up on Quora, what does la vie est belle mean. The answer given by many was the affirmation of life, the celebration of success, and the recognition of the inherent hope and goodness of life. Now I’m a speaker of French albeit not a native speaker and I don’t…… Continue reading La Vie est Belle

PEOTUS we pray you find wisdom

I don’t have great hope given the early signs. I was hoping you would back away from your positions on muslims and  ease the fears of all the  legitimate immigrants in the country. If anything their worst fears are being fanned into ever higher flames. I hoped that with the election behind you might have…… Continue reading PEOTUS we pray you find wisdom