Why being a TERF is

Ridiculous. I found a perfect analogy. This is a fiction and I have many lovely converted friends, but pretend with me. My name is Claude, and I was assigned Protestant at birth. The doctor just asked my parents. They couldn’t ask me. As soon as I started Sunday school I knew there was something wrong.…… Continue reading Why being a TERF is

To Take a Knee

Up to now the protest on the part of the football players has been somewhat abstract for me. I have been sympathetic for sure, but it didn’t touch me directly. I was appalled at how a clear statement about the continuation of bigotry, prejudice and inequality under the laws of the USA being peacefully demonstrated…… Continue reading To Take a Knee

Real Bigotry and Prejudice

When we think of the words prejudice and bigotry we think of recent views of the alt-right neo nazis with the KKK marching to “defend” white rights. Maybe we think of the classic TV show All in the Family with Archie Bunker giving out his statements. We think about the marches on Selma, Al and…… Continue reading Real Bigotry and Prejudice

And still worse

I posted this on facebook: Donald Trump has truly presented the kind of petty person he is. He is this sociopath picking on what is already one of the most victimized groups in our society. Transgender men and women have barely reached equity and not even on a national level. There are states where we…… Continue reading And still worse

The Greenies and the Meenies

There was a little town and a little child named Roy, and Roy was growing up to be a happy little boy, One day he asked his grandad about the stuff he’d seen, A bunch of people waving signs that purple people all were mean Grandad looked at him and said “You and I are…… Continue reading The Greenies and the Meenies

How to think about LGBTIQ people

I look at Quora. I look at it quite a lot and I often write answers to the questions. I noticed a particular question today asking how LGBT contributes to society. There were already people making a bunch of reasonable points, but I don’t think they did a good job making the main one: LGBTIQ,…… Continue reading How to think about LGBTIQ people

The LGBT contagion?

There’s an interesting trope amongst those who don’t know us in the LGBT community, especially among those who are against the LGBT community. That concept is that we somehow wish to proselytize people into our “lifestyle”, especially children. This is never, of course, presented with cogent argument, rather with vacuous rhetoric about everyone promoting being…… Continue reading The LGBT contagion?