Biological Sex – a political landmine

There re those, and for awhile I was one, who say biological sex doesn’t exist. Supporting this is the reality that most of your body couldn’t care one fig what your chromosomes say. The exception was the development of your ovaries or testes or possibly the ovo-testes that form in the development of some intersex…… Continue reading Biological Sex – a political landmine

SRS update @20 months

I’m just a little shy of two years since I had reassignment surgery. While I’m sure that SRS is not for every trans person, it surely has made some profound differences for me. I feel as genuine as one can feel given the circumstances. As I’m sure you understand, it is not possible at this…… Continue reading SRS update @20 months

Memories 2015 from October to December

Going through from March of 2014 when I went full time to March of 2015 was a hiatus. Things were good at home, but it was a kind of truce. We both knew that once I was eligible for surgery things could change radically. There wasn’t much question in my mind that I wanted the…… Continue reading Memories 2015 from October to December

What’s wrong with McHugh

In the 1970s John’s Hopkins was one of the places you could go to have reassignment surgery performed. The procedure was essentially the same, although there have been many improvements since. However, one notable improvement in the process had not happened yet. The Benjamin rules hadn’t taken over. Virtually anyone could ask for the surgery…… Continue reading What’s wrong with McHugh

Be Supportive – Avoid questioning their plans to transition

If you think they are making a bad or rushed decision about transitioning itself you are in a tight bind. Their therapist is looking out for them. That’s the person who safeguards both their welfare and their information. Even for a minor child (to the best of my knowledge) you can’t just ask ¬†for private…… Continue reading Be Supportive – Avoid questioning their plans to transition

Future promise

An assertion that seems bound to come true at some point is that reassignment will become a procedure that results in an entirely functional male or female rather than a sterile one. Additionally one that doesn’t require hormone replacement and whose reproductive tissues are direct analogues to what their natal tissues would have been. The…… Continue reading Future promise