Quiet windows and closed doors Quiet stairways, empty floors Still the ghosts of past memories flow Empty cupboards remember when Darling child’s laughter’s spin Those days may never  come ever again Cold outside the snowflakes fall Empty rooms and empty halls Lonely without heart and home  so dear Still to find the new green grass…… Continue reading Empty

The wall still stands

By the door The wall stands Covered with the grit and soil of many a harsh day It holds back fear and joy alike, Coated in the dust of a thousand raging storms. The wall stands With the streaks of thousands of tears inspired by fears and loneliness. What will it take to bring down…… Continue reading The wall still stands

At the end of my days

All things come to an end The mayfly’s dance so short and sweet The slow existence of a star for whom we exist in the fraction of the atom’s face Seeing god’s glory We leave this world alone as we came in, Perhaps a little heavier with the memories we have accumulated Perhaps a little…… Continue reading At the end of my days