Following the Rail

there, do you see? just around the bend, the place it used to be? a place, the marker there, when you were ten, ¬†played with friends, found love and conquered care   the tracks, we roll along, beyond each bend, new worlds of friends like mushrooms come then gone, we think the tracks go on,…… Continue reading Following the Rail

The Greenies and the Meenies

There was a little town and a little child named Roy, and Roy was growing up to be a happy little boy, One day he asked his grandad about the stuff he’d seen, A bunch of people waving signs that purple people all were mean Grandad looked at him and said “You and I are…… Continue reading The Greenies and the Meenies

The LGBT contagion?

There’s an interesting trope amongst those who don’t know us in the LGBT community, especially among those who are against the LGBT community. That concept is that we somehow wish to proselytize people into our “lifestyle”, especially children. This is never, of course, presented with cogent argument, rather with vacuous rhetoric about everyone promoting being…… Continue reading The LGBT contagion?

The Lost and Found

Down the sidewalks, run do we Past the hardware store Past O’Malley’s pub we see A drunk sleeping as he snores Here’s not where our mind does fly Caught in reverie Lying in our past besides Old waters whole and free There we ran down corridors Built of steel and glass All we thought was…… Continue reading The Lost and Found