What’s wrong with the US?

When Pakistan passes a transgender right’s bill and the United States president is doing his best to role back what few federal protections were passed under president Obama, there’s something drastically wrong. It is literally, not figuratively now¬† the case that a transgender person would have more protected rights in Pakistan than in much of…… Continue reading What’s wrong with the US?

To Take a Knee

Up to now the protest on the part of the football players has been somewhat abstract for me. I have been sympathetic for sure, but it didn’t touch me directly. I was appalled at how a clear statement about the continuation of bigotry, prejudice and inequality under the laws of the USA being peacefully demonstrated…… Continue reading To Take a Knee

Rosh Hashanah 5778

My rabbi inspired me to speak out, not that I’ve been silent. Our society and our current administration troubles me deeply. The parallels with pre WWII Germany in finding scapegoats for our troubles (Mexicans and Muslims) rather than admit that these are complex problems that have no simple solution. In keeping with this blog I’ll…… Continue reading Rosh Hashanah 5778

All the reasons people can’t accept us

I’m refining an answer I started on Quora. I went ahead and posted it but I was not content. It is just a really complex issue. The original question had to do with trans “hysteria”. I don’t know that we will ever fully know what causes people to be transgender in the details. We will…… Continue reading All the reasons people can’t accept us

Real Bigotry and Prejudice

When we think of the words prejudice and bigotry we think of recent views of the alt-right neo nazis with the KKK marching to “defend” white rights. Maybe we think of the classic TV show All in the Family with Archie Bunker giving out his statements. We think about the marches on Selma, Al and…… Continue reading Real Bigotry and Prejudice

And still worse

I posted this on facebook: Donald Trump has truly presented the kind of petty person he is. He is this sociopath picking on what is already one of the most victimized groups in our society. Transgender men and women have barely reached equity and not even on a national level. There are states where we…… Continue reading And still worse