Biological Sex – a political landmine

There re those, and for awhile I was one, who say biological sex doesn’t exist. Supporting this is the reality that most of your body couldn’t care one fig what your chromosomes say. The exception was the development of your ovaries or testes or possibly the ovo-testes that form in the development of some intersex…… Continue reading Biological Sex – a political landmine

Orgasm (SRS)

One of the big questions every one of us has is whether we’re going to be able to orgasm after SRS. It’s a valid question for several reasons, but the principal reason is that your whole area down below is getting entirely rearranged. Most surgeons will tell you, or say on their website, that you…… Continue reading Orgasm (SRS)

Female Sexuality

One can make the argument that I can’t know this. However, not only is that mostly likely to be part of an argument that says I’m really a dude in women’s clothing, but continues about the delusional state of trans people. I’m not writing for them, they can go off in their echo chamber and talk…… Continue reading Female Sexuality