Has the Show “New Girl” Jumped the Shark?

Here I am, far afield. I’m no media critic, but I am a long time fan of the show New Girl. I’ve always enjoyed the main character played by¬†Zooey Deschanel. I sometimes wonder if she started the style of light wing back glasses we see a lot of these days. The writing until last season…… Continue reading Has the Show “New Girl” Jumped the Shark?

Living in a state of gratitude

Oh, I have my days. Days I don’t want to smile or get out of bed, put away dishes and hardly want to make the effort of getting food for sustenance. We all do, short sighted days where our lives consist of a small box and we’re sitting in a small corner kicking our heels…… Continue reading Living in a state of gratitude

Do I have Hate in my Heart?

(from my posting in Quora) No, I don’t Hate is like an acid that eats away all that is beautiful in your life leaving the ashes of once verdant meadows and fresh running streams. Hate dims the smiles from your friends and loved ones. Hate turns the loveliest food to dust in your mouth and…… Continue reading Do I have Hate in my Heart?


Evening falls the match aflame and the whisper brings around the memories long, long past. Memories of childhood and a warm woman standing in what seemed like a huge kitchen. Today you know it would be tiny but not to your childhood memories. There expanses of formica stretched and cupboards where a tiny child could…… Continue reading Afterglow

What is Gender

This seems to cause an awful lot of confusion, and it has only gotten worse with the introduction of so many other new words into the vocabulary. In fact, I’ll even say that beyond muddying the waters, these new terms like gender fluid and gender queer have some folks not believing any of it because…… Continue reading What is Gender

Leave the Crucible Behind

There come times in all lives when we face difficulties and there are times when those difficulties are over. While there may always be those for whom recounting them will have value, there are many more who want to hear more positive news. It doesn’t matter what the ordeal was. The bout with cancer, mine…… Continue reading Leave the Crucible Behind

Following the Rail

there, do you see? just around the bend, the place it used to be? a place, the marker there, when you were ten, ¬†played with friends, found love and conquered care   the tracks, we roll along, beyond each bend, new worlds of friends like mushrooms come then gone, we think the tracks go on,…… Continue reading Following the Rail