To thine own self be true

I remember the words, words I’ve seen echoed in questions I’ve answered. I told my rabbi that I could never be a real woman, something similar to my therapist. They told me you can be close enough. I’m telling you, close enough is good enough. It really is true, most doctors can’t tell the results…… Continue reading To thine own self be true

Fifteen years of stress

My father moved in with us a few weeks before my daughter’s bat mitzvah. There I was, parked outside of his Briarcliff Manor, NY apartment with my 1997 Ford Taurus. We packed as much as the car would hold and left the rest for my sister and brother in law to sort out. It was…… Continue reading Fifteen years of stress

Transitioning at Work

This is a tough subject. I don’t wish to recount anybody’s exact story, nor give an example with a specific company as a target. All these things tend to be continuously in motion. In a big company, or even in a modest size company your experience is likely to mostly depend on the people you…… Continue reading Transitioning at Work

Clothing post puberty

Also post retirement, on weekends, relaxing. I’m struggling because for work I’d dress up a bit, not crazy and not more than other women. But for work I’d wear nice slacks, a skirt or a dress and now it’s all jeans, corduroy, capris. I wear skirts in hot weather or even light dresses because they’re…… Continue reading Clothing post puberty

What is Gender

This seems to cause an awful lot of confusion, and it has only gotten worse with the introduction of so many other new words into the vocabulary. In fact, I’ll even say that beyond muddying the waters, these new terms like gender fluid and gender queer have some folks not believing any of it because…… Continue reading What is Gender

Leave the Crucible Behind

There come times in all lives when we face difficulties and there are times when those difficulties are over. While there may always be those for whom recounting them will have value, there are many more who want to hear more positive news. It doesn’t matter what the ordeal was. The bout with cancer, mine…… Continue reading Leave the Crucible Behind

A Response about Biology

A response I gave on Quora to Why is physical biology not enough to determine gender in regards to gender issues there are some excellent other answers there. I encourage anyone interested to follow the link. I think the original questioner may have remove their name and subtext after the response – people hate being called out.…… Continue reading A Response about Biology