Approaching Surgery

I spent four hours driving sixty miles yesterday. Two hours into Boston and two hours home. I had two appointments, one with the plastic surgery unit at BMC and one with the pre op unit. They went over things, checked me out, all the usual stuff. As expected they added the dreaded bowel cleanse to…… Continue reading Approaching Surgery

So you want to be a woman

(Just posted on Quora) Be patient with yourself. Understand that no matter how much you think you feel female and feminine inside right now that until you’ve actually transitioned you will not understand a woman’s world. That just takes time. What that means is that time is not your enemy, it is your friend. Make…… Continue reading So you want to be a woman

Rosh Hashanah 5778

My rabbi inspired me to speak out, not that I’ve been silent. Our society and our current administration troubles me deeply. The parallels with pre WWII Germany in finding scapegoats for our troubles (Mexicans and Muslims) rather than admit that these are complex problems that have no simple solution. In keeping with this blog I’ll…… Continue reading Rosh Hashanah 5778

My Two Biggest Losses

I don’t think these will be a surprise, and neither could be different either, these are as they  need to be. I made a choice to move forward with my life and to become Rachel and even though the other choice wasn’t an affirmative one, it was available, and if I’m entirely truthful I cannot…… Continue reading My Two Biggest Losses

Hair Removal

First buy a really large hare sized trap and put some carrots in it. Oh, you said hair, not hare? I wondered why you were wondering about removing hares. I figured they had gotten  into the veggie garden again. There are only two permanent methods of removing hair. Electrolysis, which is the only one actually…… Continue reading Hair Removal