The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Back in July I was in Philadelphia to see two surgeons about SRS. On my first day their I arrived early enough that I thought it worthwhile to head into town and see some historical sites. I parked at what looked like a valid spot. There was a kiosk nearby and there are these little…… Continue reading The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Losing Gracefully

The journey isn’t a fast ride down a froth filled river of cold water. There are hazards, but they approach in a more leisurely pace than submerged boulders or icebergs at sea. The dangers are seen and unseen but have to do with finding happiness. Somewhere at the start of my journey a friend warned…… Continue reading Losing Gracefully


Long time the seed is nurtured there, Beneath the soil with hope and care. Watered well and planted right, It waits the day to seek the light The seasons change, the seasons turn, Ages change a love that yearns, To hold again a loved one near, Remembering the warmer years At last the sun is…… Continue reading Flowering

Why a Little is at least Sometimes not enough

You start down the path beset by shame, guilt and maybe even a little anger and resentment. You’re fighting various demons and figuring out not just the gender stuff but teasing it apart from sexual orientation issues. Then the cloud starts to lift a bit. You get introduced to this vision of what life can…… Continue reading Why a Little is at least Sometimes not enough