We live, we change, we transform. People make many transitions, from child to adult, school to work to retirement, single to married to widowed or divorced. I don’t know that gender makes for a particularly deep transition, perhaps just yet another difficult one to gain perspective upon. In a short while I’ll reach the practical…… Continue reading Transformation

Future grace

(the last of today’s posts. I’m still mostly catching up with past poetry for those posts) Though the roots are buried deep In the watered muddy clay There are feelings that you keep Forever and a dayTwines the morning glory fine With the thorny cane laid bare Where the summer’s fruit lay waiting For the…… Continue reading Future grace

Full Time at Last

The clock started ticking when I returned from P-town. I originally wanted to go full time in January, but that proved optimistic. Family problems weighed on us and the added stress of going full time would not have been a wise move. We stayed home for the holidays, which was terrible for both of us,…… Continue reading Full Time at Last

The Trial

After I had my initial adventure at the mall, I continued to venture out of the house on a fairly regular basis. As the months went by I started to spend first a day, then two and then sometimes the¬†entire weekend (three days for me working a reduced schedule) as Rachel. I reached July of…… Continue reading The Trial

Torn silk and ruined pride

The 12 and hundred rode¬†away Fight the evil devils they say They are not made the way we are Of flesh and bone and stardust fair We could not know them now There shining armor was so bright You saw them clearly in the night Their camps were made in line and round Scouts about…… Continue reading Torn silk and ruined pride