Two weeks

Well, two weeks is actually tomorrow morning, but I figured this was close enough. I had my last checkup with Dr. Leis last night and was told I’m healing up well. There are some extremely minor issues that will resolve themselves over time, nothing terribly annoying. Lacking some sin of omission or commission on my…… Continue reading Two weeks

Is it them, or Me??

The areas that hurt most transitioners are losses of family, friends, community and employment. As society gets more accepting these tend to be less of a problem, but it would be the rare trans person who is totally unaffected. Here I want to talk about friends. I can only speak from an MtF viewpoint, I’m…… Continue reading Is it them, or Me??

The true cost of SRS

People live through many good and bad times in their lives. If you are trans, signing up for some type of ┬áreassignment surgery is just one more of these. No one reading my post should think that deciding to get SRS, preparing for it or moving on afterwards is a world of rainbows and unicorns.…… Continue reading The true cost of SRS

One week

It was one week ago I had my surgery. I’m a little under a week from going home. The surgeon, Dr. Leis, told me I’m healing well and can go home next weekend. I did take a look for Saturday flights, but finally decided having another day to recuperate is no bad thing. I’ve had…… Continue reading One week

Tick, tick, tick, tick

It’s 7:30am, I woke at 6am for the morning ritual involving what everyone’s morning ritual is. Adequate sleep, still pretty darn calm, and the countdown timer is marking the hours. 22:30 minutes and counting before they push liquid into my veins and ask me to count down from 100. Why 100? You never get beyond…… Continue reading Tick, tick, tick, tick