She stands still in early light rosy cheeks glow so bright Naked to the chilly air quickly donning lacy fair Soon she’s dressed in lingerie Strongly delicate jobs have they Covering the mystery That all girls keep from thee Carefully picks a patterned top, then a skirt that solid be Pulls on tights with a…… Continue reading Emerging

You’re Trans?

I’m talking to people in their 40s and 50s, who are like me, carrying around baggage and aren’t so free in their choices the way they would have been. I’d like to reflect back on some of what I’ve learned on my journey in dealing with shame, guilt and responsibility, and what haunts me still.…… Continue reading You’re Trans?

Looking Back

Toward the start of my journey I spent an awful lot of time asking why. Why did I feel this compulsion, why couldn’t I just deny it, and why the hell was I so unlucky to have this issue in my life. Part of it was looking forward and asking what was going to be…… Continue reading Looking Back

Skip The Recommendations

I love my friends, and I honor their kind efforts, but I have to say to my friends and the friends to other trans people that we don’t really need to be told about the latest book, TV show, movie, play, third cousin twice removed or other anecdote. We actually live this life. I can…… Continue reading Skip The Recommendations

Reviewing Transparent (1 & 2)

Amazon has now produced two seasons of a series where the main character, Maura, is a transgender woman in later years. She has a wife and several kids and the drama unfolds around the family and their various connections, romantic and otherwise. The show touches on many themes. It isn’t for really young viewers as…… Continue reading Reviewing Transparent (1 & 2)

Male Privilege

This is one of the refrains I’m tired of hearing, along with female upbringing, and the occasional reference to menstruation. Not everyone seems to be able to be able to accept trans women as women. Witness Germaine Greer’s comment about us not having smelly vaginas and therefore not being real women. Of course I’ve never…… Continue reading Male Privilege