Dancing and Crafts and Coping

I’m a poor role model for coping in some ways. I read the accounts of others and marvel at their audacity, sneaking into their sister’s or mother’s things, even acquiring a secret cache. Yet it wasn’t so much my bent in terms of feeling comfort, so perhaps that’s a major reason I never seriously pursued…… Continue reading Dancing and Crafts and Coping

Teens and Twenties

I shall not spend a great deal of time on my growing up. Much of what I have to share about the journey is that which has happened over the last ten to fifteen years. But there were, perhaps a few details. The boy grew and his feelings about this strange body did not change.…… Continue reading Teens and Twenties

The Fortune of Friends

As people, and in particular people living in a Western materialistic society we measure wealth, status and success so much by what we have and what we own, whether tangible or intangible. We tend to ignore the riches that lay (or are missing) from under our noses, those aspects of life that really can bring…… Continue reading The Fortune of Friends


White I leave behind the walls that sing The children’s laughter and memories Or parties past and passions strong Of good times, bad of rights and wrongs In the kitchen counters wait Daily holding dish and plate For daily fair or holiday The memories linger clear as day Through cold steel door the white hall…… Continue reading White

In the beginning

It was a speck of dust far too small for the eye to see. It floated on breezes and was driven before gales along with thousands, millions of its fellows until it reached a cloud. The season being winter, the little dust speck was bounced about by feisty water molecules in their endless dance, but…… Continue reading In the beginning

Starting out

Here I am, in my late fifties, starting over. I can’t say the world has been unkind to me; I live a decent life with a very nice job in tech, a supportive community and friends. Yet it is a life that is, for the moment, turned upside down. Leaving a long term marriage, finishing…… Continue reading Starting out