Six and a half weeks

It hasn’t been long since surgery, but six and going on seven weeks have seen huge changes. Healing of course, the swelling going down, sensation returning at a slow pace, the quelling of over sensitivity. At this point the only pain I feel is working the current largest dilator into place. Perhaps I need to…… Continue reading Six and a half weeks


Not a happy title, but depression is not the same as sadness. I know from trying to explain it that like the sighted person explaining the color blue to a blind friend, depression is hard to fathom if you haven’t experienced it. Nor is depression just one specific mental issue as the reasons and triggers…… Continue reading Depression

Male perception

What up with this? I’ve come out to lots of people, in my personal life, my community and my work life.¬†With few exceptions, the people who have the most issues coping with the idea of transition, or more recently surgery, are men. Generally women are not threatened. In a prior entry I talked about some…… Continue reading Male perception

Hair, and one month and one week

It’s been five and one half weeks, also known as one month + one week past the surgery. The healing incisions on the breast augmentation are sometimes irritated if I wear an underwire bra – it’s kind of a conflict since that’s much of what I own and they do a good job supporting the…… Continue reading Hair, and one month and one week