Useful places to go for the trans woman:

  • GLAAD fighting for LGBT acceptance
  • Keshet Jewish Inclusion

Legal and Advocacy Groups


  • Chic Fashionista Fashion advice for all women
  • Hair Direct Source for affordable quality hair pieces
  • Makeup Geek
  • Videos on YouTube are excellent at instruction on virtually any aspect of applying makeup as well as reviews of different products. Getting a book may well be worthwhile, but you can get a lot from YouTube.
  • Amazon  really is a good source for shoes, clothing and accessories and the prices can be really good at times. Be very careful about clothes sizing, many items in XL are an XL for genetic woman from Japan or China, i.e. a medium for a US woman
  • Zappos is one of the best sites to get shoes to fit trans women and a great return policy

Pain relief for electrolysis and laser

  • Biosense (OTC)
  • Any number of lidocaine based gels on Amazon, look for 4% or more lidocaine in a non-greasy base (OTC and Rx)
  • EMLA (Rx only)
  • Gray area products sold primarily for tattoo pain reduction (see Amazon, I offer no recommendations)

Useful references and edutainment

  • Transsexual Road Map still a useful reference for transitioners, it gathers quite a lot of information in one place. I think of particular help is joining one of the online forums where you will find people who have trodden this road before you, as well as fellow travellers to help boost your spirits.
  • “True Selves” by Mildred Brown and Chloe Rounsley.
    A little dated but good basic information on the treatment and experiences of transgender and transsexual people. If you want information and will only ever read one book this is not a bad choice.
  • “She’s not there: A Life in Two Genders” Jennifer Boylan
    The story of Jennifer’s life and transition is well written by someone who writes for a living as well as being a transsexual. Note that she has several other books that continue from this one as well.
  • “Trans sister Radio” by Chris Bohjalian
    A fictional account of transition, this book deals with many of the issues that are pervasive in a transgendered life.
  • Transparent (several seasons on Amazon Prime) a drama starring Jeffrey Tambor in the role of Maura, a transwoman who has recently transitioned and the challenges in her life and the lives of her children. Although they didn’t cast a trans person for the starring role there are many trans people in the show.
  • “Normal” (2003, 110 minutes) is a well done TV movie that tells the story of a midlife transition. Very realistic in terms of familiar conflict and the generational problems encountered. From Wikipedia: “Applewood (Tom Wilkinson), after fainting on the night of her 25th marriage anniversary, shocks her wife Irma (Jessica Lange) by revealing that she suffers from gender identity disorder and plans to transition into living as a woman and be renamed Ruth. While Ruth tries to keep the family together, Irma’s initial reaction is to separate from her. Patty Ann (Hayden Panettiere), their daughter, is more accepting, but Wayne (Joe Sikora), their son, struggles with the transition.
  • “Trans America” (2005, 103 minutes) [I have not seen this, but had it recommended] A pre-operative male-to-female transsexual takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York.

Please add comments with additional resources that have been helpful to you as well as opinions about these resources.