Catfish and Con Artists

It used to be that to steal your ¬†money mostly somebody would show you a weapon in a deserted place if you were unfortunate enough or perhaps unobservant enough to be there. But you might also just live in one of those places too. That, of course, still happens every day. But the less thuggish…… Continue reading Catfish and Con Artists

Dating Men? (part 1)

Oh dear, so I’ve always intended to try this (gulp) but now here I’ve gone and actually put a profile out there on a paid dating site. Because it’s paid I may get weirdo’s but I’m not getting much of the 20 yr old (or 30 or whatever) scam artists. I originally intended to wait…… Continue reading Dating Men? (part 1)

The Dating Site Con

A lot of us are lonely or at least want to find someone, and there are execrable¬†people out there waiting to take advantage of that to swindle us out of thousands of dollars. I had the poor fortune to waste a week corresponding with one of these folks. Fortunately I refused the hook, but I…… Continue reading The Dating Site Con