Pussy Hats Galore

I was thinking about going to the Portsmouth NH women’s march tomorrow. So I started reading about trans women and the women’s marches and uncovered and unfortunate truth. Many of my sisters are a thin skinned and, pardon me for saying so, whiny bunch. We whine about the number of trans speakers, the use of…… Continue reading Pussy Hats Galore


I’ve been through this with several different women. They look for reasons that labelling me as a woman is wrong. The arguments are familiar, so I’ll be brief about the arguments and answers. First, I would like my reader (ok my cis gendered reader) to imagine that one could safely have everything below the waist…… Continue reading Othering


According to the gospel of monsieur Charles le brun, happiness is a nickle, ice cream and singing a song among other things. I’ve always love those comics and the music for the Happiness song from “You’re a good man Charlie Brown” was always a sweet tune to me. Who among us would not want to…… Continue reading Misogyny

La Vie est Belle

Life is beautiful. The question came up on Quora, what does la vie est belle mean. The answer given by many was the affirmation of life, the celebration of success, and the recognition of the inherent hope and goodness of life. Now I’m a speaker of French albeit not a native speaker and I don’t…… Continue reading La Vie est Belle