Why being a TERF is

Ridiculous. I found a perfect analogy. This is a fiction and I have many lovely converted friends, but pretend with me. My name is Claude, and I was assigned Protestant at birth. The doctor just asked my parents. They couldn’t ask me. As soon as I started Sunday school I knew there was something wrong.…… Continue reading Why being a TERF is

What is Gender

This seems to cause an awful lot of confusion, and it has only gotten worse with the introduction of so many other new words into the vocabulary. In fact, I’ll even say that beyond muddying the waters, these new terms like gender fluid and gender queer have some folks not believing any of it because…… Continue reading What is Gender

TERF partie le deuxième

Getting a rant off my chest. I made the mistake of interacting with some of these misanthropic, unconfident excuses for educated human beings and found myself quite disturbed. Let me start with gender studies. In studies at the university level we have the hard sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biologic as well as…… Continue reading TERF partie le deuxième

Biological Sex – a political landmine

There re those, and for awhile I was one, who say biological sex doesn’t exist. Supporting this is the reality that most of your body couldn’t care one fig what your chromosomes say. The exception was the development of your ovaries or testes or possibly the ovo-testes that form in the development of some intersex…… Continue reading Biological Sex – a political landmine


I’ve been through this with several different women. They look for reasons that labelling me as a woman is wrong. The arguments are familiar, so I’ll be brief about the arguments and answers. First, I would like my reader (ok my cis gendered reader) to imagine that one could safely have everything below the waist…… Continue reading Othering

What’s wrong with McHugh

In the 1970s John’s Hopkins was one of the places you could go to have reassignment surgery performed. The procedure was essentially the same, although there have been many improvements since. However, one notable improvement in the process had not happened yet. The Benjamin rules hadn’t taken over. Virtually anyone could ask for the surgery…… Continue reading What’s wrong with McHugh

Posted a FAQ page yesterday

For those who didn’t notice because I didn’t put it out in the blog, I posted an FAQ yesterday in hopes of having it available when answering questions on quora and a resource for people who want answers to questions. Please have a look, and if you think it’s worthwhile, please pass it along to…… Continue reading Posted a FAQ page yesterday