Living in a state of gratitude

Oh, I have my days. Days I don’t want to smile or get out of bed, put away dishes and hardly want to make the effort of getting food for sustenance. We all do, short sighted days where our lives consist of a small box and we’re sitting in a small corner kicking our heels…… Continue reading Living in a state of gratitude

Do I have Hate in my Heart?

(from my posting in Quora) No, I don’t Hate is like an acid that eats away all that is beautiful in your life leaving the ashes of once verdant meadows and fresh running streams. Hate dims the smiles from your friends and loved ones. Hate turns the loveliest food to dust in your mouth and…… Continue reading Do I have Hate in my Heart?

Winter’s Forgotten Love

Among the many changes in my life has been the number of people I love who no longer know me. Sometimes I pass through a stage of fire, a stage of grief or a stage of anger. But if I loved them I eventually stand on the shore and let their memory go and try…… Continue reading Winter’s Forgotten Love

Mourning Music

For as long as I can remember I’ve made music. It started with clarinet in grammar school, piano in high school, guitar in college and somewhere along the line my voice became good enough to listen to. Other than clarinet I was self taught, and therefore¬† ¬†my musical education was spotty in places but it…… Continue reading Mourning Music