My Two Biggest Losses

I don’t think these will be a surprise, and neither could be different either, these are as they¬† need to be. I made a choice to move forward with my life and to become Rachel and even though the other choice wasn’t an affirmative one, it was available, and if I’m entirely truthful I cannot…… Continue reading My Two Biggest Losses

At the end of my days

All things come to an end The mayfly’s dance so short and sweet The slow existence of a star for whom we exist in the fraction of the atom’s face Seeing god’s glory We leave this world alone as we came in, Perhaps a little heavier with the memories we have accumulated Perhaps a little…… Continue reading At the end of my days

Quick lesson in sensitivity

I was watching a recorded program when I saw one of those attend our school and you your valuable certificate for fixing left handed pink tislefinters. A job is guaranteed within three month of graduation or your money back. That kind of place. But you could tell they had never had a female student, ever.…… Continue reading Quick lesson in sensitivity

Office Makeup

This is short, I actually wasn’t getting ready for the office. In fact, as far as I’m currently planning I’m going out on disability due to fatigue from Parkinson’s. However, I just felt like brightening my makeup this morning and thought it might be helpful/instructive to compare what is my absolute maximum for daytime makeup…… Continue reading Office Makeup


Most of us would rather the past be the past, but I keep seeing these questions, “Can I transition at 50, 60, 70?” or more startling, “Can I still transition at 20?” and the answer to all is a resounding yes! Most of the reasons for transitioning are internal. They are about making you congruent,…… Continue reading Contrasts

Real Bigotry and Prejudice

When we think of the words prejudice and bigotry we think of recent views of the alt-right neo nazis with the KKK marching to “defend” white rights. Maybe we think of the classic TV show All in the Family with Archie Bunker giving out his statements. We think about the marches on Selma, Al and…… Continue reading Real Bigotry and Prejudice

Where have the years gone

It seems like yesterday we were having that party in the backyard. A big cookout with lots of friends. The gag gifts were still funny at 40, the funky walking stick, tombstone candles, senior citizen gag cards. At fifty the gag gifts started to be really too close to home. AARP started their regular mailings…… Continue reading Where have the years gone