Pussy Hats Galore

I was thinking about going to the Portsmouth NH women’s march tomorrow. So I started reading about trans women and the women’s marches and uncovered and unfortunate truth. Many of my sisters are a thin skinned and, pardon me for saying so, whiny bunch. We whine about the number of trans speakers, the use of…… Continue reading Pussy Hats Galore

Fifteen years of stress

My father moved in with us a few weeks before my daughter’s bat mitzvah. There I was, parked outside of his Briarcliff Manor, NY apartment with my 1997 Ford Taurus. We packed as much as the car would hold and left the rest for my sister and brother in law to sort out. It was…… Continue reading Fifteen years of stress

Clothing post puberty

Also post retirement, on weekends, relaxing. I’m struggling because for work I’d dress up a bit, not crazy and not more than other women. But for work I’d wear nice slacks, a skirt or a dress and now it’s all jeans, corduroy, capris. I wear skirts in hot weather or even light dresses because they’re…… Continue reading Clothing post puberty

My Two Biggest Losses

I don’t think these will be a surprise, and neither could be different either, these are as they  need to be. I made a choice to move forward with my life and to become Rachel and even though the other choice wasn’t an affirmative one, it was available, and if I’m entirely truthful I cannot…… Continue reading My Two Biggest Losses