SRS – Revision – October 2017

I originally talked with my surgeon about having developed a tight spot around eighteen  months ago. At the time his advice was to step up on dilation and to use my thumb to put pressure on the scar “ring” that had formed. Unfortunately, nothing I did seemed to make any difference. This was complicated by…… Continue reading SRS – Revision – October 2017

Anti Drama

It’s Sunday evening and I’ve had the last solid food before surgery. Tomorrow is about having a liquid diet interspersed with powerful antibiotics meant to kill every microbe in my gut and other powerful bactericides to kill those on my body. All of which ends with a power, well, I’ll leave the last to your…… Continue reading Anti Drama

Squeezable Me

I was feeling like an over squeezed tube of toothpaste at one point. However, let us go back to the start. I was seeing my endocrinologist and along with the sticker for being a good girl who didn’t cry (I wanted a blue one even those she said pink is for girls, but *I* wanted…… Continue reading Squeezable Me

The Truth when critiquing bigots

I don’t doubt that Congresswoman Hartzler is anti-LGBT, or that she deserves criticism but the headline: Congresswoman: Trans People In The Military As Dangerous As ISIS is not only not a quote, it is a misrepresentation of her stated position. It is true she’s against “transgenders” (her usage) in the military, apparently thinking that Rand’s study was…… Continue reading The Truth when critiquing bigots