Who am I

About the only thing I’ve found consistent in my life is change mixed with unpredictability. I never thought I’d speak about my secret shame, then I surely wouldn’t transition, and then maybe not SRS despite wanting it before I knew about it. Along that route I picked up an unwanted hitchhiker in Parkinson’s, yet it…… Continue reading Who am I

Two hundred ninety five

Sometime over the next two or three weeks the counter will flip and I will have written more than three hundred posts. Non fiction mostly with a solid  count of poems. Enough to fill a book, which is incredibly shocking. I wasn’t much of a writer, I still remember going to the Dartmouth bookstore, having…… Continue reading Two hundred ninety five


On the sand we find them Burrowed all around Hardened shells Formed by the soft being within So in life we find them Surrounded all around Hardened shells Masks formed by the soul within Smiling faces without warmth Eyes without life Words with no meaning Greetings with no meaning We search to find Warmth and life within…… Continue reading Shells