Revision surgery +~3 weeks

Things are going fine as long as I don’t push too much. Over enthusiasm is not a good idea, not disastrous, but not the best course of action. Dilation is fine with the 1.25″ dilator going in fine and the 1.375″ going most of the way or possibly all the way in. I won’t  go…… Continue reading Revision surgery +~3 weeks

Revision Surgery Update 10/13

Not a great deal to say. I went to see the surgeon about a week ago. Everything way healing normally. I’ve passed that early stage of aches and pains, and I can now go back to things like ibuprofen or naproxen for my odd attacks of joint pain. I had some minor feedback from the…… Continue reading Revision Surgery Update 10/13

SRS – Revision – October 2017

I originally talked with my surgeon about having developed a tight spot around eighteen  months ago. At the time his advice was to step up on dilation and to use my thumb to put pressure on the scar “ring” that had formed. Unfortunately, nothing I did seemed to make any difference. This was complicated by…… Continue reading SRS – Revision – October 2017

Anti Drama

It’s Sunday evening and I’ve had the last solid food before surgery. Tomorrow is about having a liquid diet interspersed with powerful antibiotics meant to kill every microbe in my gut and other powerful bactericides to kill those on my body. All of which ends with a power, well, I’ll leave the last to your…… Continue reading Anti Drama

Approaching Surgery

I spent four hours driving sixty miles yesterday. Two hours into Boston and two hours home. I had two appointments, one with the plastic surgery unit at BMC and one with the pre op unit. They went over things, checked me out, all the usual stuff. As expected they added the dreaded bowel cleanse to…… Continue reading Approaching Surgery


i don’t watch the TLC  program about Jazz growing up. Not because she isn’t a bright lovely person but because as a transperson with her own lived experience and plenty of others stories read, the desire to add one more just isn’t there. Still, I knew from ads on TLC that the new season started…… Continue reading Vaginoplasty

SRS update @20 months

I’m just a little shy of two years since I had reassignment surgery. While I’m sure that SRS is not for every trans person, it surely has made some profound differences for me. I feel as genuine as one can feel given the circumstances. As I’m sure you understand, it is not possible at this…… Continue reading SRS update @20 months