The Tarnished Ring – a short story

There once was a street urchin who played in the streets of London. Those were the days of horses and carts with the gutters filled with dung and sewage. The streets were a dirty filthy place to pass his day. “Ow” cried the boy as a merchant bopped him on the head. “Get you away…… Continue reading The Tarnished Ring – a short story

A Girl’s First Wardrobe

I was posting on a forum I’m on and it occurred to me that the advice was useful for any trans women just starting out. This is the advice I would have liked to have had in the Fall of 2013 and I started to seriously buy clothing and accessories. Clothing Buy as much of…… Continue reading A Girl’s First Wardrobe

Fiction writing

I’m starting a story as an experiment. I’m writing a chapter at a time. I’ll continue as long as there’s interest, I have the energy or I think the story goes on. Please give feedback, preferably constructive 🙂 — Let me amend the above. It may be lovely to have someone say they like a…… Continue reading Fiction writing

In the beginning

It was a speck of dust far too small for the eye to see. It floated on breezes and was driven before gales along with thousands, millions of its fellows until it reached a cloud. The season being winter, the little dust speck was bounced about by feisty water molecules in their endless dance, but…… Continue reading In the beginning