Pain, Struggles and Tears

I ran into a friend, a lovely person with one of the greatest jobs in the world. Not an easy one. She commented how open I was here on my blog and I have been with information on transition and my struggles with identity and sexuality. I don’t think I’ve kept a whole lot back.…… Continue reading Pain, Struggles and Tears

Memories 2015 from October to December

Going through from March of 2014 when I went full time to March of 2015 was a hiatus. Things were good at home, but it was a kind of truce. We both knew that once I was eligible for surgery things could change radically. There wasn’t much question in my mind that I wanted the…… Continue reading Memories 2015 from October to December

The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

Today is my third birthday as a full time woman, and for the last six months or so I would call myself post transition. Over that period of time ¬†thoughts about being trans or wanting to talk about trans issues have dwindled down to little or nothing. Feelings of being different aren’t much anymore. It…… Continue reading The Realities of a Woman’s Life at Work

Memories from 2013 – Q2 & Q3

The following is a few weeks later. Our friend S took me out for some pampering. I’m leaving out the piper’s price, such is life, as protection to guilty and innocent alike. Dear diary, most of today was lovely. My friend S and I went and were made over (you can not quite see it…… Continue reading Memories from 2013 – Q2 & Q3

Happy New Year 2017

with only a couple of changes from the post to the NuttyKats forum, an excellent place to be a transsexual. Added comments in parenthesis in italic It has been a great journey through thick and thin. (five years in April 2017)¬†There’s this large group that helped me move through the swamp and miasma that hid…… Continue reading Happy New Year 2017