Hormone replacement therapy can start a year or more before going full time and if that’s true for you this probably won’t resonate at all. For me it started in October 2013 after some months of waiting. I had promised that I would wait ten weeks after my decision to transition to prove that it was a stable decision. Nobody ever really quite believed me when I told them that not transitioning had always been a compromise I had considered to try in order to keep our long marriage together, and that not transitioning was the unstable state.

I went to see my endocrinologist at a large medical center and she started me on 1 mg of estradiol per day. That eventually  ramped up to a higher dose as required. Over a period of the next year there were a lot of changes and fewer over the year following. I believe changes are still occurring at a very slow rate. You can read more here which goes into it in some detail. There are many accounts available elsewhere.

What is relevant to this story is that once I felt I was truly on my way I abandoned the silicone breast forms and chose to simply go around as I was. Eventually, around six months or so after starting there was something, but not much. When you watch youtube videos or read people’s accounts you might get unrealistic expectations – and they apparently have to. HRT takes a lot of time.

When I finally was at two years I was a small B cup, which was fine. The truth is, while people notice large breasts they don’t think women who are flat chested are men. Pay more attention to how you present yourself and you’ll be fine. Remember, looking perfect, even with a nice chest and a perfect voice but acting like the local swell guy pub owner will make everyone look at you anyway.

On HRT between October and January my skin softened and my face grew rounder. Past January I stopped being looked at very much, and by time I went full time in March it was pretty much over. I had been fortunate in never having been harassed or verbally attacked either. I think I was always at best borderline before HRT.

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