Lots of other changes happened at the same time. I was living most of my life as Rachel, dressing more and more appropriately, walking in a more female appropriate way, etc. If you ask me where I learned to walk like a woman I can’t tell you. If you ask me to walk like a man I’ll hunch over and shuffle or swing my arms out real wide, but the truth is I never did either as a guy. The differences between how I used to walk before and now are relatively subtle.


Now I walk with a  bit of a sway and pretty tall. My chest is pointed forward and doesn’t go back and forth much but my hips do. I don’t drag my feet much. Why is that different? Dunno,  it is. I asked one of the girls in our leasing office to watch me walk and she says I walk like a girl. A few years ago I was told I walked like a guy. Hmm. Figure this out, it makes a pretty big difference.


There are a bunch of videos on the internet about this. There are speech therapists who teach this. I can’t teach this. My pitch hasn’t changed much, maybe a little higher. I’m having a hard time moving it and I’ve heard through some that it really is difficult to make a permanent change.

As a singer I’ve been able to change the resonance of my voice and that has changed how it is perceived a good deal. I talk as a woman talks, there is a great deal of variance in  pitch in my voice, my word choices are not male choices and even though my pitch isn’t particularly good, my overtones aren’t really chesty. I also (fortunately ) am in that band between male and female, so that covers me a bit.

If you have a deep voice it is worth getting help. This can be a real givaway. It certainly has given me away at times. However, I often don’t care so much. You might feel differently.

Pay Attention

If you haven’t been doing this naturally start developing the skill right now. Women pay attention to how people are feeling. You should to. I fail badly when I get wrapped up in my own story – I do that far too often. You can’t go wrong asking about their story. There’s nothing more associated with being feminine than being nurturing and caring (not to say that men can’t and don’t do both).

More on presentation





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