3D Printing, not for the faint of heart

I’m currently awaiting some parts, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Starting about a week and a half ago, just after things started working, things stopped working reliably. Isn’t that always the case? In particular, the x-axis would “slip”. What I mean by that is that the zero point would move, so instead of a…… Continue reading 3D Printing, not for the faint of heart

What is Gender

This seems to cause an awful lot of confusion, and it has only gotten worse with the introduction of so many other new words into the vocabulary. In fact, I’ll even say that beyond muddying the waters, these new terms like gender fluid and gender queer have some folks not believing any of it because…… Continue reading What is Gender

Common Cause

Well, this will be short I think. Who would have predicted common cause between some conservative Republican Senators, especially with Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as one of them. A conservative for conservatives. It is not hard to see why virtually all Democratic senators delivered a big thumbs down to one of the singularly most politically stupid,…… Continue reading Common Cause

Catfish and Con Artists

It used to be that to steal your  money mostly somebody would show you a weapon in a deserted place if you were unfortunate enough or perhaps unobservant enough to be there. But you might also just live in one of those places too. That, of course, still happens every day. But the less thuggish…… Continue reading Catfish and Con Artists

Spotting Scam Artists

If you’re like me, you’re rebuilding. Especially relationships of various kinds. The reasons why are abundantly clear, if we don’t we can have some mighty miserable times, especially around the holidays. Disconnected from old friends, in my case married friends, I’m not invited to events they’ve planned, others, newer friendships that are just starting to…… Continue reading Spotting Scam Artists

The Bamboozle Bra

I’ve been watching reruns of What Not to Wear. TLC’s been running the old shows that I never saw, like season 4 and 5. One of the adds is for the Miracle Bamboo Bra, which will solve all your brassiere problems forever. Incidentally, brassiere is an English word adopted from the French that does not mean…… Continue reading The Bamboozle Bra