The Ladies Room

An advantage of having passed some milestones is having also reached a point where I can take a different attitude about talking about using bathrooms. A little more informative, a little less paranoid. I obviously don’t need to instruct other women on using the ladies room, so I’m clearly aiming this at my fellow MtF…… Continue reading The Ladies Room

Self Acceptance, Loss and Validation

What is your goal? This is an important question and I will claim that your happiness depends on your goal. I’ve heard it said that you cannot depend on others for your happiness and I have found that to be more than a little bit true. Yet this missive is not about happiness per se,…… Continue reading Self Acceptance, Loss and Validation

Life Lessons about Transition

It’s been almost three years since I started HRT. It is about three years to the day when I returned from Province town and decided that I could transition. Province town had been the experiment in living full time.¬† Starting with my return I came off the small dose of testosterone I was still on…… Continue reading Life Lessons about Transition