How to be a good friend to trans people

Or… how to be a good friend to anyone who is in some way different or out of the norm. I answered a question on Quora about why it “sucks” to be trans and answering a friend’s comment realized that most of the problem roots in the difference of trans people from the norm and…… Continue reading How to be a good friend to trans people

To thine own self be true

I remember the words, words I’ve seen echoed in questions I’ve answered. I told my rabbi that I could never be a real woman, something similar to my therapist. They told me you can be close enough. I’m telling you, close enough is good enough. It really is true, most doctors can’t tell the results…… Continue reading To thine own self be true

Why being a TERF is

Ridiculous. I found a perfect analogy. This is a fiction and I have many lovely converted friends, but pretend with me. My name is Claude, and I was assigned Protestant at birth. The doctor just asked my parents. They couldn’t ask me. As soon as I started Sunday school I knew there was something wrong.…… Continue reading Why being a TERF is

Revision Surgery Update 10/13

Not a great deal to say. I went to see the surgeon about a week ago. Everything way healing normally. I’ve passed that early stage of aches and pains, and I can now go back to things like ibuprofen or naproxen for my odd attacks of joint pain. I had some minor feedback from the…… Continue reading Revision Surgery Update 10/13

So you want to be a woman

(Just posted on Quora) Be patient with yourself. Understand that no matter how much you think you feel female and feminine inside right now that until you’ve actually transitioned you will not understand a woman’s world. That just takes time. What that means is that time is not your enemy, it is your friend. Make…… Continue reading So you want to be a woman

All the reasons people can’t accept us

I’m refining an answer I started on Quora. I went ahead and posted it but I was not content. It is just a really complex issue. The original question had to do with trans “hysteria”. I don’t know that we will ever fully know what causes people to be transgender in the details. We will…… Continue reading All the reasons people can’t accept us