Common Cause

Well, this will be short I think. Who would have predicted common cause between some conservative Republican Senators, especially with Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as one of them. A conservative for conservatives. It is not hard to see why virtually all Democratic senators delivered a big thumbs down to one of the singularly most politically stupid,…… Continue reading Common Cause

A Response about Biology

A response I gave on Quora to Why is physical biology not enough to determine gender in regards to gender issues there are some excellent other answers there. I encourage anyone interested to follow the link. I think the original questioner may have remove their name and subtext after the response – people hate being called out.…… Continue reading A Response about Biology

The Truth when critiquing bigots

I don’t doubt that Congresswoman Hartzler is anti-LGBT, or that she deserves criticism but the headline: Congresswoman: Trans People In The Military As Dangerous As ISIS is not only not a quote, it is a misrepresentation of her stated position. It is true she’s against “transgenders” (her usage) in the military, apparently thinking that Rand’s study was…… Continue reading The Truth when critiquing bigots

Lose that Chip

This goes for other communities that are hypersensitive too (at least parts of them are), but I’m not going to name them, or shame them. All these communities really are marginalized, victimized, and vilified by the general populace or even just the majority. They feel justifiable outrage, but sometimes that slips over into things that…… Continue reading Lose that Chip


i don’t watch the TLC  program about Jazz growing up. Not because she isn’t a bright lovely person but because as a transperson with her own lived experience and plenty of others stories read, the desire to add one more just isn’t there. Still, I knew from ads on TLC that the new season started…… Continue reading Vaginoplasty

What it means to be supported

We can be pretty confused human beings when we start our transition. Everything is changing and we want it done now. But it isn’t  something that happens in a month, or a year. It happens over a few years give or take. It depends on the person. I personally think of transition in three parts:…… Continue reading What it means to be supported

Post transition life

Transition can be an exciting time, as well as a very scary one. Your body changes, a great deal like puberty as you transition to living in your target gender, a process that happens quickly from ones presentation, and quite a bit more slowly inside. For many that never ends, but it has slowed way…… Continue reading Post transition life