What to wear

Clothing, the constabulary is likely to stop you on the street if you aren’t wearing any. Underwear, clothing, layering, outerwear in cold and chilly weather, just underwear and thin clothing in hot. Clothing is an expression of personality, highly individualized, at least for women. For men there are rows of button down shirts and maybe…… Continue reading What to wear

The Bamboozle Bra

I’ve been watching reruns of What Not to Wear. TLC’s been running the old shows that I never saw, like season 4 and 5. One of the adds is for the¬†Miracle Bamboo Bra, which will solve all your brassiere problems forever. Incidentally, brassiere is an English word adopted from the French that does not mean…… Continue reading The Bamboozle Bra

Makeup – how many companies are there really?

Not many. Really not many. Here are some lists of who owns what. I’m intentionally omitting some of the other brands that are just nail polish like Essie (L’Oreal), or hair products, etc. L’Oreal Lancome, L’Oreal, Shu Uemera, Urban Decay, It, Maybelline, NYX, The Body Shop Estee Lauder Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Mac, Smashbox,…… Continue reading Makeup – how many companies are there really?

Buying Clothing – tops

Tops come in a variety of configurations. Many more than for men. For men there are about 4, tank, polo, t-shirt and button down. There are some less common ones more aimed at sports like jerseys. For women there are that many kind of tops with thin straps. Some tops are meant to be worn…… Continue reading Buying Clothing – tops

Then and Now – Intimate Apparel

I remember when I was a boy, then a young man and then an adult. All those frilly things were kind of naughty and titillating. The lacy bras and matching panties, the garter belts, bustiers, and all the really lovely sleepwear (ok, go have fun peeling it off your girlfriend wear). Victoria secret had their…… Continue reading Then and Now – Intimate Apparel

Diamonds are forever

It really is a great slogan. Especially for something that is coming from a monopoly. It’s hard to say what the actual free market price of a diamond would be if De Beers didn’t control the supply. It is also a fairly recent phenomena that dictated diamond engagement rings. (see¬†https://www.gemsociety.org/article/are-diamonds-really-rare/ for one discussion) Of course…… Continue reading Diamonds are forever