How I felt coming out

For nearly a year, perhaps it was longer, I became more and more fixated on transitioning. At that point I had never dared identify as trans in public, never said a word about how I felt. I felt that if I dared to say I wanted to be a woman that the world would laugh…… Continue reading How I felt coming out

The way back

We find ourselves we know not where In a forest dark and drear And yet the distant star draws near and pulls us toward the lady fair with even locks of fine gold hair that beckon us to move quite near and smell the lavender that grows in the clearing around her The starlight shines…… Continue reading The way back

The Struggle of Loved Ones

No matter what’s going on with an individual with a problem, it isn’t only that person who’s affected. The people near and dear to them are impacted in all sorts of different ways. Routines disrupted, expectations changes, sometimes the end of a relationship or the grief that comes with the end of a life and…… Continue reading The Struggle of Loved Ones

Buying Appropriate Clothing

There’s an epidemic among many members of the trans community. Among transwomen of a certain age, there’s this pineing for that which we missed: youth, svelteness, and the things that go with that. Some of us try to recapture that with clothing that is a little (or a lot) inappropriate for our age. It’s often…… Continue reading Buying Appropriate Clothing


Daylight comes in smaller pieces Frosty mornings harvest time Apple cider from the presses Autumn time Again Around a sunny orchard screams Tiny children running round Gather apples while ye may Summer’s winding down Hayrides Gray clouds gather, wet the weather Musty smells of earth and leaf Brilliant flowers of the maples Make us bowers…… Continue reading Autumn