Future promise

An assertion that seems bound to come true at some point is that reassignment will become a procedure that results in an entirely functional male or female rather than a sterile one. Additionally one that doesn’t require hormone replacement and whose reproductive tissues are direct analogues to what their natal tissues would have been. The…… Continue reading Future promise

Memories from 2012

I thought it might be helpful to review some of the process over the last five years. I’m going to include representative posts and some of the better responses I received. For privacy reasons I’ll remove any names. End of June 2012 I find myself in this ungendered state. I was talking to our rabbi…… Continue reading Memories from 2012

Two hundred ninety five

Sometime over the next two or three weeks the counter will flip and I will have written more than three hundred posts. Non fiction mostly with a solid ┬ácount of poems. Enough to fill a book, which is incredibly shocking. I wasn’t much of a writer, I still remember going to the Dartmouth bookstore, having…… Continue reading Two hundred ninety five