Religious Freedom

They say your freedom stops at my nose. I think that’s pretty reasonable. I’ve never thought rights for any group that can be distinguished whether by sex or sexual orientation, faith or skin color should oblige a private person in their home to be tolerant or decent. They have every right to be a bigot…… Continue reading Religious Freedom

Tell me what you think

I’ve been writing this blog for almost seven months. A very few people have made comments, and I thank you for them! I made a simple poll for you to vote on so I can get a sense of what people think about at least the trans posts. Please feel free to comment as well.…… Continue reading Tell me what you think

Do We Deceive

This is repeated with changes from a post I made to a trans forum. I was happy with the writing and thought it might help those who struggle with having waited all their lives to tell the truth. Edits: Italics are additions and strikethroughs are removals. We deny things to ourselves, we take truths and fold them…… Continue reading Do We Deceive

Are we women?

I’ve written before why we are, why people feel we aren’t, but are we? It isn’t an easy topic. It’s fraught with jagged rocks that will rend you from stem to stern. It might be at the crux of what we do by transitioning, but perhaps the other question is, is it? These days if…… Continue reading Are we women?

We Do not Understand the World

  This is not about my pretending to be smart. There’s a great quote that I think is attributed to Mark Twain (perhaps a fitting way to start, I’m not even sure I have that right!) “A fool is a man who doesn’t know what you learned just five minutes ago”. I think we rarely…… Continue reading We Do not Understand the World