Post transition life

Transition can be an exciting time, as well as a very scary one. Your body changes, a great deal like puberty as you transition to living in your target gender, a process that happens quickly from ones presentation, and quite a bit more slowly inside. For many that never ends, but it has slowed way…… Continue reading Post transition life

But *how* do I start

An open letter to a woman who has just emerged You might be as I was, in middle years and finding gender dysphoria as a kind of torture. It arrived for me slowly; slowly enough that I did not at first see the train approaching through the fog. I fancied I was “just thinking” about…… Continue reading But *how* do I start

SRS update @20 months

I’m just a little shy of two years since I had reassignment surgery. While I’m sure that SRS is not for every trans person, it surely has made some profound differences for me. I feel as genuine as one can feel given the circumstances. As I’m sure you understand, it is not possible at this…… Continue reading SRS update @20 months

Reflections on 3+ years post transition

Sometimes our friends are kind to us. Sometimes they don’t want to because they think it won’t be nice. I’ll take kind anyday. That included being told by my wife when I was dressed particularly badly, feedback on my hair being too light. It also included lots of things I should have listened to more…… Continue reading Reflections on 3+ years post transition

Buying Clothing – tops

Tops come in a variety of configurations. Many more than for men. For men there are about 4, tank, polo, t-shirt and button down. There are some less common ones more aimed at sports like jerseys. For women there are that many kind of tops with thin straps. Some tops are meant to be worn…… Continue reading Buying Clothing – tops

True Selves? A four year consideration

I remember reading people’s blogs and watching vlogs and them talking about their “true selves”. For awhile I wondered what they were talking about. The first year of therapy had me feeling a bit split between male and female characteristics and seeking integration to feel whole. As I transitioned I’d tell people that my old…… Continue reading True Selves? A four year consideration

Memories – 2015 Jan to Oct

At this point I was fairly settled in at work, and P and I were still in the “honeymoon” were no definite decision could be made about SRS. I was still entertaining the notion we could find a way to stay married even if not romantically. There were signs this probably wasn’t practical, but we…… Continue reading Memories – 2015 Jan to Oct