SRS update @20 months

I’m just a little shy of two years since I had reassignment surgery. While I’m sure that SRS is not for every trans person, it surely has made some profound differences for me. I feel as genuine as one can feel given the circumstances. As I’m sure you understand, it is not possible at this…… Continue reading SRS update @20 months

Memories 2015 from October to December

Going through from March of 2014 when I went full time to March of 2015 was a hiatus. Things were good at home, but it was a kind of truce. We both knew that once I was eligible for surgery things could change radically. There wasn’t much question in my mind that I wanted the…… Continue reading Memories 2015 from October to December

Orgasm (SRS)

One of the big questions every one of us has is whether we’re going to be able to orgasm after SRS. It’s a valid question for several reasons, but the principal reason is that your whole area down below is getting entirely rearranged. Most surgeons will tell you, or say on their website, that you…… Continue reading Orgasm (SRS)

SRS advice

This is going to cover what might be uncomfortable for some. Stop reading if you don’t want to  hear about anatomy. If you read about SRS, what you hear is that the neovagina is dry or at least non-lubricating, i.e. it doesn’t get wet. It’s hard to find good information about how long it’s going…… Continue reading SRS advice

SRS T+14 months

The narrowing (stenosis) of the vaginal opening is being held at bay by the lovely silicone dilators my gynecologist has given me. I still use one of the solid ones a couple times a week to make sure the depth stays where it is. The silicone dilators (made by Soul Source) are each tapered, which…… Continue reading SRS T+14 months

SRS Followup

SRS can have a range of complications, although most of the common ones are fairly minor issues. There are a few complications that people justifiably are scared of because they can make your life anything from a short term misery to something long lasting. A lot of us end up with one  or more incisions…… Continue reading SRS Followup