Finding Happiness in Transition

In the world I’ve peered into of trans women there are different kinds of people with different kinds of goals. Remember that most all of these people have an identity of female or female”ish” for their gender with a male body to start with. Some are not to be content with anything short of not…… Continue reading Finding Happiness in Transition


In just a couple of weeks I will have been full time for two full years, and these are some reflections on some of the things that have been different from what I might have expected. We all enter into this with ideas, but how does reality wear them down? Men I speak not of…… Continue reading Surprises

How Many Sticks?

There’s that old saying about the stick that broke the camel’s back. I’m feeling like that these days. The past six years have been exceptionally difficult ones. I’ll review, quite briefly: 2010: My father was dying all that year and finally fell and broke his hip, or broke his hip and fell. We gave him…… Continue reading How Many Sticks?


Slowly It started In the basement Of a tall building At first Just the smallest Cracks appeared In the concrete pillars Then As seconds passed The rumblings grew And the ground shifted Steel Bent like rubber Glass Shattered and fell on the street below In the top Of that building Lay a machine Once pristine…… Continue reading Earthquake


I was on the phone with my girlfriend C this morning, sympathizing over some pain she’s having. Aside from trying to get her to take it even easier it wasn’t about fixing the problem, it was about comforting my friend. So I’m thinking, wow, I’m not the person I was. When I was D, I…… Continue reading Transformation