Are Women more Emotionally Driven?

A juicy question that deserves more than the subjective answer I’m going to give. Yet I think it is valuable to consider the subjective truth from an individual’s viewpoint. It is the only direct knowledge I have on the subject 🙂 I’ve always been a fairly logical person. In making decisions I’m not overly swayed…… Continue reading Are Women more Emotionally Driven?

Reflections on four years full time

I’d like to starts with the hard stuff so I leave you with some more positive messages. As these years have gone by it has become more and more apparent how deep my losses have been. Not everyone’s go this deep and some go deeper. I’ve seen outright rejection, usually in a non-confrontational way. I’ve…… Continue reading Reflections on four years full time

Leave the Crucible Behind

There come times in all lives when we face difficulties and there are times when those difficulties are over. While there may always be those for whom recounting them will have value, there are many more who want to hear more positive news. It doesn’t matter what the ordeal was. The bout with cancer, mine…… Continue reading Leave the Crucible Behind

Pain, Struggles and Tears

I ran into a friend, a lovely person with one of the greatest jobs in the world. Not an easy one. She commented how open I was here on my blog and I have been with information on transition and my struggles with identity and sexuality. I don’t think I’ve kept a whole lot back.…… Continue reading Pain, Struggles and Tears

Reflections on 3+ years post transition

Sometimes our friends are kind to us. Sometimes they don’t want to because they think it won’t be nice. I’ll take kind anyday. That included being told by my wife when I was dressed particularly badly, feedback on my hair being too light. It also included lots of things I should have listened to more…… Continue reading Reflections on 3+ years post transition

Memories 2015 from October to December

Going through from March of 2014 when I went full time to March of 2015 was a hiatus. Things were good at home, but it was a kind of truce. We both knew that once I was eligible for surgery things could change radically. There wasn’t much question in my mind that I wanted the…… Continue reading Memories 2015 from October to December