Reflections on 3+ years post transition

Sometimes our friends are kind to us. Sometimes they don’t want to because they think it won’t be nice. I’ll take kind anyday. That included being told by my wife when I was dressed particularly badly, feedback on my hair being too light. It also included lots of things I should have listened to more…… Continue reading Reflections on 3+ years post transition

Memories 2015 from October to December

Going through from March of 2014 when I went full time to March of 2015 was a hiatus. Things were good at home, but it was a kind of truce. We both knew that once I was eligible for surgery things could change radically. There wasn’t much question in my mind that I wanted the…… Continue reading Memories 2015 from October to December

More than five years past

There are things that just hit you like a bolt out of the blue. You realize that you’ve a half a decade lost in a miasma of shifting veils learning to be this new and different version of yourself. Was the person before not you and is this a truer you? Is it perhaps just…… Continue reading More than five years past

Are we selfish

I’ve heard this about others, and I even heard this had circulated at work just before I had officially come out. After the email went out, but before the training meeting. That I was selfish. That so and so is selfish; why did they get married if they knew. That he’s selfish, how could he…… Continue reading Are we selfish

Memories from 2014 – Q1

At this point I was four months into HRT. I had stopped getting sirred by anyone but there were still a few people giving me hard stares. Usually ┬ánot while I was looking, my wife would tell me about my getting a double take. Me in December 2013: In January we finished a couple of…… Continue reading Memories from 2014 – Q1