Who am I

About the only thing I’ve found consistent in my life is change mixed with unpredictability. I never thought I’d speak about my secret shame, then I surely wouldn’t transition, and then maybe not SRS despite wanting it before I knew about it. Along that route I picked up an unwanted hitchhiker in Parkinson’s, yet it…… Continue reading Who am I

The LGBT contagion?

There’s an interesting trope amongst those who don’t know us in the LGBT community, especially among those who are against the LGBT community. That concept is that we somehow wish to proselytize people into our “lifestyle”, especially children. This is never, of course, presented with cogent argument, rather with vacuous rhetoric about everyone promoting being…… Continue reading The LGBT contagion?

True Selves? A four year consideration

I remember reading people’s blogs and watching vlogs and them talking about their “true selves”. For awhile I wondered what they were talking about. The first year of therapy had me feeling a bit split between male and female characteristics and seeking integration to feel whole. As I transitioned I’d tell people that my old…… Continue reading True Selves? A four year consideration

Are we selfish

I’ve heard this about others, and I even heard this had circulated at work just before I had officially come out. After the email went out, but before the training meeting. That I was selfish. That so and so is selfish; why did they get married if they knew. That he’s selfish, how could he…… Continue reading Are we selfish

Dead names and Pronouns

This has been a tough 24 hours, it has. I think it really can be hard for people who’ve known us for a long time to keep our new name straight, twenty or thirty years of history do not vanish overnight, nor does our prior identity as a man or a woman change in their…… Continue reading Dead names and Pronouns

Suicide is Painless (not really)

I was thinking back over some of the serious issues that went by on the path and of all of them, this was perhaps the most grave. Suicide claims the lives of many people each year and it is said that about 40% of transgender people attempt it during their lives. Depression and despair take…… Continue reading Suicide is Painless (not really)